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Let's turn on your DuoCircle service.

There's one last quick step to turn on the DuoCircle service for your domain. All you need to do is change the DNS MX records for your domain. (If you don't know what this is, or you don't know how to change these records, talk to your, domain registrar,  hosting provider or ISP, and they'll be help you to make this change)

Your MX records probably look like one of these:


MX 1
MX 2
MX 100


Okay, let's change your MX records.

Take care! Incorrect MX records will cause incoming e-mail messages to bounce, or worse completely disappear. If you aren't comfortable making this change, please talk to your hosting provider.

You need to change your MX records to look like the following:

MX 10
MX 20  (or your custom MX record)
MX 30
MX 40
MX 50

Where should be replaced with the hostname or IP of your mail server.

It's important that the numbers — the MX priority — are exactly like the above. The priorities of DuoCircle MX records should always have higher numbers than the MX for your own mail server.

You're all done!

The moment you save the change to your DNS, e-mail messages from domains that don't have your DNS cached will start flowing through the DuoCircle servers. This means that with our email server service activated - you'll start seeing less spam pretty much immediately, and within about two days all of your domain's incoming e-mail should be going through the DuoCircle email spam filters.

Do I set a destination server for MX Backup?

Typically for the MX Backup service you do NOT need to define a destination mail server and when setting up your new MX backup service it should be left blank.

We will default to the lowest priority MX record that you have published for the domain.

NOTE: If you define a destination server for MX Backup this will take priority over your primary MX record for delivery.

Read more here: Why does my MX Backup Service have a destination server option?

What's next?

After a few days to let your DNS change propagate to the entire Internet, advanced users can make a change to your e-mail server configuration, to only allow e-mails entering from the DuoCircle servers. This will eliminate "transient spam", where spammers will ignore the MX records for a domain entirely and instead simply connect to every possible IP address in your network, trying to send spam to your domain.

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