Notifications are designed to help you manage your domain and SPF records efficiently. Below is a detailed explanation of each notification type.

1. Email if Domain is 10/10 Lookups or Goes Over

  • Purpose: To alert you when your SPF record reaches its capacity limit.
  • Detail: This notification is triggered if your SPF record hits 10 out of 10 lookups, indicating that it has reached its maximum capacity. You will be notified if it reaches or slightly exceeds this limit.

2. Email if Domain is 9/10 Lookups or Goes Over

  • Purpose: To notify you when you are nearing your SPF record’s capacity.
  • Detail: This alert is sent out when your SPF record is at 9 out of 10 lookups, which is 90% of its capacity. While operating at this level is typically not problematic, it’s important to be aware to prevent exceeding the maximum allowable lookups.

3. Email on SPF Record Changes

  • Purpose: To keep you updated on modifications within your SPF record.
  • Detail: You’ll receive notifications about any additions or changes to the 'includes' or other modifications in your SPF record. The notification will also specify who made these changes.

4. Email on Team User Add or Remove

  • Purpose: To inform you about changes in your account’s user list.
  • Detail: This notification informs you whenever a team member is added or removed from your account.

5. Email on Domain Add or Move

  • Purpose: To alert you about additions or changes to domains within your account.
  • Detail: You will be notified if a new domain is added or an existing one is moved within your account.