The "Spam Filtering Settings" section of the Inbound service configuration page have been updated with the following changes:

  1. The existing option "Tag Action" has been renamed to "Suspect Mail Action" to better reflect it's purpose: choose the action we apply to mail which our spam engines scored in the "suspect" range -- high enough to be suspicious, but not high enough to reject.

  2. A new option "Spam Mail Action" to choose the action we apply to messages which scored above the "definite spam" threshold. The current behaviour (REJECT) is pre-selected as the default.

Both options - Suspect Mail Action and Spam Mail Action - have the same range of choices:

  • Deliver with Tag: We prefix the subject with *SPAM* and deliver the message to you.
  • Deliver without Tag: We deliver the message to you without a *SPAM* tag added to the subject.
  • Quarantine: The message is placed in your quarantine, which you can access through the Message Logs tool.
  • Reject: The message is rejected and a DSN returned to the sender.  If your service has Smart Quarantine┬« the sender can opt to manually release the message.