Often times businesses want to segregate their SMTP account so that multiple applications or sending services can pull from the same pool of credits or use the same static IPs. This feature needs to be enabled by support. 

A use case could include:

A customer who has multiple distinct business applications would like to provide different credentials to each application to minimize the blast radius of an exploited credential, or they would like to use distinct accounts when sending emails. 

1. Navigate to https://portal.duocircle.com/clientarea.php

2. Click on your SMTP service. In this case it is "Outbound SMTP - Monthly Credits"

3. Click "Sending Credentials"

4. Click "New Credential"

5. Click the "Name" field.

6. Type " Application One" or any name to identify the sending application

7. Click "Save"

8. Copy the username and passwords and keep them in a safe place. These credentials will be used for the newly created service