Whenever you may need to connect your AutoSPF application to a 3rd party software via the API, you can generate an API token by following these given steps:

  1. From the left Nav bar, navigate to "Your Settings"
    Screenshot of: Click "Your Settings"

  2. Next, on the Settings menu, select "API"
    Screenshot of: Click "API"

  3. On the "Create API Token" section, click on the "Token Name" field and fill it up with a name that best describes what the API Token will be used for.

  4. Select the permission that you wish to grant for this API token. For the given sample scenario of these screenshots, the API token created is for read-only access permission. Then check the appropriate permission on the checkboxes.
    Screenshot of: Click the "Read domains" field.

    Screenshot of: Click the "Read alerts" field.

    Screenshot of: Click the "Read emails" field.

    Screenshot of: Click the "Read domain record comments" field.

    Screenshot of: Click the "Read sent emails analytics" field.

    Screenshot of: Click the "Read audit log" field.

  5. Then click the "CREATE" button to generate the API Token.
    Screenshot of: Click "CREATE"

  6.  From the API Token pop-up, click the "COPY TO CLIPBOARD" button.
    Screenshot of: Click "COPY TO CLIPBOARD"

  7. Click the "CLOSE" button to close the API Token pop-up.
    Screenshot of: Click "CLOSE"

  8. Finally, you will be able to paste the API Token you have copied to your 3rd party application that requires it.

Quick Video Guide:

Please note that we may change the user interface in the future, however, you may always check on the AutoSPF Settings > API to generate an API Token.