Here are the multiple things that you can do on your AutoSPF Payment Management page: 

  1. Update your card on file
  2. Check and download your invoices
  3. View your subscription history
  4. View your subscription start and expiry date
  5. View your current subscription plan
  6. Upgrade your subscription
  7. Use a coupon code (if there is any), when you're placing a subscription upgrade

You can view and update your payment method on your AutoSPF account by following the given steps: 

  1. From the left Nav bar, navigate to "Your Settings"
    Screenshot of: Click "Your Settings"

  2. Next, on the Settings menu, select "Payment Method"
    Screenshot of: Click "Payment Method"

Quick Video Guide:

Please note that we may change the user interface in the future as compared to what you'll see on the video screen share below to allow you more control over your account. No matter what UI changes will be applied, you'll have to follow the same path, AutoSPF Settings > Payment page, whenever you need to manage your payment and subscriptions.