On your SPF Manager, you'll find the Currently Published SPF record, the Unflattened SPF record, and the Initial SPF record. These define what type of SPF record you have.

The Initial SPF Record displays the SPF record you initially have before you get started on using our AutoSPF Flattening solution

The Unflattened SPF Record displays the interpretation of your current SPF record. This is the record that you currently have without our AutoSPF Flattening solution

The Currently Published SPF Record is the AutoSPF Flattening solution that reduces your SPF lookups to less than the limit of 10.

Having an SPF record with fewer than 10 lookups is important because it helps to reduce the load on DNS servers. When an email is received by a server, the server must check the SPF record of the domain in the email's "From" address to determine whether the sender is authorized. If the SPF record has a large number of lookups (more than 10), it can take longer for the server to process the email, which can lead to delays and may even result in the email being rejected

Quick Video Guide:

Please note that we may change the user interface in the future, however, you may always check on the SPF records page for how you will be able to identify the Initial SPF, Unflattened SPF, and Currently Published SPF records on your Domain SPF records page.