This document outlines the new features and major differences from the previous Message Log Viewer system.


Key Points

  • Extended retention time for message metadata; message metadata logs are now retained for 30 days (vs 14 in the previous system). Message transactional log ("text log") retention is unchanged (14 days).

  • "Search Query" and "Search Filters"; the previous system used a special search query syntax for deeper filtering (eg: to find all mail sent to or received from This has been replaced by separate search and filter functionality:

    • The "Search for..." box provides full-text search across the message ID, subject, sender, and recipient fields.

    • The "Add Filter" dropdown allows targeting your search to specific field(s) from the message metadata.
      Multiple field filters for different fields are combined in a boolean-AND fashion.
      Multiple field filters for the same field are combined in a boolean-OR fashion.

  • Deep-link to search results; when filters or search query are in effect the "link" icon on the toolbar provides a quick way to copy a permanent link which will reapply the same filters when accessed in the future

Known Issues / Limitations

  • No intra-day time filtering; Datepicker and the query parameters it generates do not support setting time-of-day.

  • CSV export does not have "all results" option; Maximum result-set size is 9,999 records, for both the search results view and the CSV records export.