Creating and Editing Contacts

Select a contact from the contacts list and then press the Edit contact button in the contact properties area on the right to start editing it.

In the upper part of the contact edit area are the name and organization fields as well as the contact picture to be uploaded.

The lower part shows the same groups of contact properties as the Contact Details structured with tabs and boxes.

Some properties have a type selector drop-down where you can select what type of email address (e.g. home or work) this is. Remove a contact property by either clearing the input field(s) or by clicking the Delete icon right next to it.

When done with editing, save your changes by clicking the Save button below the form. Abort editing and discard your changes with the Cancel button.

Add more contact properties

To add another property field, select one from the Add field... drop-down menu located below the form. The similar drop-down below the name fields in the header lets you add more name-related fields.

Note : Depending on what directory the contact belongs so, the list of properties you can add to a contact can differ.

Upload a Contact Photo

Contacts have have a picture assigned which is also displayed in the email task of the application if the sender of the message is saved with a picture in one of your address books.

To add or replace a contact picture, click the Add (or Replace if the contact already has a picture) button right below the picture placeholder in the edit form. Then select an image on your computer using the file picker dialog that appears. Once selected, the picture will be uploaded and shown immediately as a preview. Note that the new picture will be stored with the contact only after you saved the contact.

In order to remove the currently assigned picture from a contact, use the Delete button right below the picture and save the contact to apply the changes.