This section of the settings task allows you to manage the tree of mailbox folders.

Managing Folders

Steps in opening Managing Folders:

Create a new Folder

  • Click the Create new Folder icon (+) in the list footer
  • Enter a name for the new folder in the properties form on the right
  • Select a parent folder or — to create the folder on top level
  • Click the Save button below the form to finally create it

Note: The Parent folder field is already pre-selected with the folder currently selected in the folder list on the left.

Delete Folders

  • Select a folder in the list
  • Open the Folder Actions menu in the list footer and click Delete
  • Confirm the deletion

Manage the Folder Hierarchy

Folders can be nested to build a hierarchical structure to store your emails. Even an existing folder can be made a subfolder of another one or moved to the top level.

To move a folder simply drag & drop it with the mouse from the list onto the desired parent folder.

Alternatively the parent folder can be selected in the property form in the right and by hitting Save the currently selected folder is moved to its new parent.