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There are 3 steps needed to turn on the Email Archiving Solution for your domain and each of your users. All you will need to do is create your Email Archiving users, copy the uinque journaling address for your domain and configure your mail server to start sending mail there.

1) Create your users in the DuoCircle portal:

Login to the Admin Portal. Create each user you wish to Archive for. They can be created in the DuoCircle portal under your Archiving product.

See instructions of how to create users here

2)  Collect the unique journaling address for mail to be sent to

Login to the Archive Portal

Follow these instructions to locate the journaling address

3) Okay, let's set your mail server up to start sending mail to the Archive

Follow these setup instructions by picking your mail server from the list

If your mail server is not in the list please let us know.

You're all done!

What's next?

Send some email to test that email being sent AND received are being archivied

Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your email is safely archived.

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