To prevent against potential viruses, we do not allow you to receive certain types of files, including:

  • Certain file types (listed below), including their compressed form (like .gz or .bz2 files) or when found within archives (like .zip or .tgz files)
  • Documents with malicious macros

File types you can't include as attachments:

.ADE, .ADP, .BAT, .CHM, .CMD, .COM, .CPL, .EXE, .HTA, .INS, .ISP, .JAR, .JSE, .LIB, .LNK, .MDE, .MSC, .MSP, .MST, .PIF, .SCR, .SCT, .SHB, .SYS, .VB, .VBE, .VBS, .VXD, .WSC, .WSF, .WSH, .JS

  1. If you have SPAM filtering tuned off - executable will NOT be blocked
  2. The new rule will NOT block executable stored in password protected ZIP files, as this requires an action on behalf of the user.

To remove this block on executable please contact support: