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Your DuoCircle account has been created, and you're all ready to go!

Let's get your DuoCircle Outbound SMTP Service configured.

The last step to get you up and running is to configure your mail client or device to send mail.

All you need to do is change your email client to use the settings below in order to start sending email.

Outgoing SMTP
SMTP Port:25 (default), 2525, or 10025
SMTPS (SSL/TLS):465 (default), 587 or 10465
Username:Your Username
Password:Your Password
Authentication Type:Basic (“Auth”, “Login”, “Password”)
Use SSL/Encryption:Yes (recommended)

If you use SPF records, make sure to add “” to your record.

You're all done!

You can now start sending mail.


Errors Authenticating: Please make sure you are using your SMTP username, not Email address, and password; the same ones you defined in our system.

What's next?

You can check your current credits realtime via the Customer Admin portal and if require more daily credits you can add move credits by clicking the Upgrade your service. You will also receive notifications from DuoCircle letting you know when your credits are low or have been used up.

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If you have our Advanced Threat Defense you also get protection from phishing attacks for all your emails.