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Please login to your portal at and configure your account. You will need to setup and confirm each forwarding email addresses before switching your MX record. If a corresponding forwarding address does not exist, our system will reject it. 

Let's turn on your DuoCircle service.

Once that is complete, there's one last quick step to turn on the DuoCircle email service for your domain. All you need to do is change the DNS MX records for your domain. (If you don't know what this is, or you don't know how to change these records, talk to your, domain registrar,  hosting provider or ISP, and they'll be help you to make this change)

Your MX records probably look like this:


MX 1
MX 2
MX 100


Okay, let's change your MX records.

Take care! Incorrect MX records will cause incoming e-mail messages to bounce, or worse completely disappear. If you aren't comfortable making this change, please talk to your hosting provider.

You need to change your MX records to look like the following:

MX 10 or your custom MX record
MX 20
MX 30
MX 40

It's important that the numbers — the MX priority — are exactly like the above. Remove all other MX records, so that the only MX records are the ones pointing at DuoCircle.

You're all done!

From the moment you save the change to your DNS, email should start flowing to your new account. It may take 24-48 hours before all email servers have the DNS update. Which means that you'll start seeing less spam pretty much immediately, and within about two days all of your domain's incoming e-mail should be going through the DuoCircle spam filters.

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