The DNS is handled by DYN, we have now added Amazon’s Route 53 and Cloudflare as redundant DNS providers and have created multiple zones for redundancy. Not only are these domains registered with difference registrars, they are also utilizing independent TLD’s (Top Level Domains) and different DNS providers.

To you should configure your DNS so that your custom MX record or is set to priority 10 and the additional records should be configured like this:

Email Gateway / Email Forwarding 

MX 10 Your custom MX Record (from customer portal) or

MX 20

MX 30

MX 40

Backup MX

MX 10 Your primary email server
MX 20 Your custom MX Record (from customer portal) or

MX 30

MX 40

MX 50

We are urging customers to make this change as soon as possible to minimize any future DNS related issue.

IMPORTANT: If we are relaying mail for your Email Gateway or Backup MX to Google G-Suite there are additional steps required to ensure Google will properly accept mail from us on your behalf.  Please refer to this KB for more information: