We've created an Outlook Setup Assistant tool to set up your email in Outlook, automatically. This can be helpful if you have a new computer, or if you've upgraded Outlook versions, or if you're having trouble with setting up Outlook.

The Outlook Assistant tool will only work on a computer with Windows, using Outlook 2007 or later.

  1. Download the Outlook Setup Assistant tool.
  2. Open the downloaded file, called Outlook_Setup_Assistant_installation.exe and clickRun.
    Outlook Setup Assistant open file, click Run.
  3. Click Install.
    Click Install on Outlook Setup Assistant.
  4. Enter your Office 365 email address and password, and click Next.
    Enter email address, password, click Next.
  5. Enter your same Office 365 login credentials in the dialog box that appears, and click OK.
    Enter login credentials, click OK

    Outlook may open in the background; please wait on the Outlook Setup Assistant window until you see the Success!... screen.

  6. Check the box that says Automatically remove the Outlook Setup app on close (uninstall), and click Close.
    Select automatically remove, click Close.
  7. On the Installation window in the background, click Close.
    Click Close on Installation window.

Your Outlook should be all set and ready to use. Try to send a test email, just to be sure everything is working!

Next Step

  • If the automatic setup didn't work, please try to manually configure Outlook.

More Info

  • This method creates a brand new Outlook profile with your Office 365 address. If you already had a profile, it is still available, but this tool changes your Office 365 address to the default profile. You can manage your profiles, to make adjustments.
  • Set up your Office 365 email on your:
    Android phone
    Windows phone