One of the features of the Admin portal is the ability to have access to your message logs. You can access your logs from your admin control panel for Email Gateway, MX Backup, Email Forwarding and Outbound SMTP. All this is done with full protection from phishing if your plan includes it. 

Take note though that the mail logs will show the messages from ALL of your active services.

To Filter by "Action is"

  1. Log into the Admin Portal
  2. Go to Services >> My Services
  3. You will need to select an active service
  4. At the left pane Click View Message Log under configuration Menu 

5. On the message logs screen click the search filter

6. Click the drop down menu for "Action is"  and select the option for (Quarantine,Deliver,Delete,Reject,Defer,Error and Queue) messages and hit "Search"

To Filter by "Contains is" (Inbound)

1. Please follow the steps from 1-4 above

2. If you have more than 1 registered domain and would like to view just the logs of a specific domain, you can use the search filter and set the To field to contain a specific domain name.

To Filter by "SMTP Username"(Outbound)

1. Please follow the steps from 1-4 above

2 . If you have an active inbound and outbound mail service. To view just the outgoing emails for your account, just type in your Outbound SMTP username and hit "Search"