We care about your data privacy and email security, some customer may prefer to have their email filtered exclusively in the European Union. 

To accommodate this demand we have added Frankfurt Germany to our list of filtering locations. 

If you are currently using mx1.mailhop.org, mx2.mailhop.org or your custom MX record from the portal your messages your messages will be balanced over ALL of our servers

If you would prefer you inbound messages to be exclusively filtered in the EU please change your MX record to: 


If you'd prefer that you mail never goes to the EU and stays within the United States of America please set your MX records to:


If you have a firewall in front of your mail server please ensure that you are allowing / whitelisting all of our IP's (not just the EU) - This is important if there is a catastrophic failure and we need to route your email via an alternate location we will still be able to communicate with your mail server.