Servers in multiple Geographic Zones

We care about your data privacy and security as well as creating the most redundant network possible for your Spam Filtering needs. We feel that one way to ensure that our network is as robust as possible is to have servers in multiple data centers around the globe. So that if there are any regional or local connectivity problems that the network will be self healing and your mail will continue to flow with perfect email continuity. To this end we have built out a point of presence on all our enterprise email servers, in the Amazon Frankfurt Germany data center because it provides not only geographic diversity but also allows our customers in the EU a filtering option that keeps their mail within the boundaries of the European Union.  

However some customer may prefer to have their email filtered exclusively in the European Union rather than a combination of the USA and Europe.

For 99% of our customers utilizing, or your custom MX record from the portal is your best option. Your messages your messages will be balanced over ALL of our servers, and you'll benefit from the geographic diversity and even grater redundancy that having filtering servers in multiple region affords. However if you would prefer your email ONLY be filtered in one geographic zone we can accommodate your needs

Updating your MX records to use a single filtering zone rather than being globally load balanced

To have your email exclusively filtered in the EU please change your MX record to: 


Conversely if you'd prefer that you mail never goes to the EU and stays within the United States of America you can use this MX record:


Updating your firewall

While using DuoCircle hosted smtp service, if you have a firewall in front of your mail server please ensure that you are allowing / whitelisting all of our IP's (not just the EU) - This is important if there is a catastrophic failure and we need to route your email via an alternate location we will still be able to communicate with your mail server.

Switch Over Date

As of March 1 2016 inbound traffic will be load balanced over all zones.