Sometimes good messages are blocked, or spammy messages get through spam filter. We have a built in feature that allows you to report any message that was blocked as To try it out, click on an email that was blocked due to RPD=spam or RPD=bulk via the end user interface. 

After you have logged into the admin portal to view your log files, find a message with SPAM, or BULK as the blocked reason. 

Once you have selected the message you will see the details page and the ability to report it as a false negative. 

If you have a false negative, you will still need to report it manually. (A message that should have been blocked but was not) 

Please indicate if this is a FN (False negatives) or a FP (False positives) and include the

X-HalonDuo-ID: f6d1c284-bbaf-11e5-b57a-9c447b5a

X-HalonDuo-Scores:  in this format:  str=0001.0A090203.5699a8E.001E,ss=4,re=3.760,recu=0.000,reip=0.000,cl=4,cld=1,fgs=20 please note it must include the SRT at the beginning of the line. 

You can find this information in your message headers, on in the bounce back notification of a false positive.