For inbound customers including Email Gateway, Email Forwarding and Spam Filtering the headers are:

X-SMX-Version: 2.4.3(14313) on

X-SMX-ID: xxxxxxxxx

X-SMX-Session: xxxxxxxxx (mail 1)



X-SMX-Message-Score: xx (HMM Probability: 1.0000)

X-SMX-IP-Score: xx (HMM Probability: 1.0000)

X-SMX-Message-Score: xx (Bayesian Probability: 1.00000)

X-SMX-IP-Score: xx (Bayesian Probability: 1.00000)

X-SMX-Spam-Prob: 1.00000

X-SMX-HMM-Spam-Prob: 1.00000

X-SMX-Tag: MessageLimit

X-Spam-Status: yes

X-SMX-Message-Totalscore: xx

X-Virus-Scanned: ClamAV using ClamSMTP

Outbound email have the headers:

X-Mail-Handler: DuoCircle Outbound SMTP


X-Report-Abuse-To: (see for abuse reporting information)

X-MHO-User: xxxxxxx