Email delivery problems can often be difficult to troubleshoot, as there are many points along the way where a message could be delayed, rejected, or even silently dropped without the sender ever knowing a problem occurred. 

Account owners have access to their message logs to assist in troubleshooting deliver issues.

Your Email server or Client logs should show what error is occurring; if not, you can contact our support team for further help and make sure to include the full headers of any delayed or rejected Emails (including timestamps and Received: entries) where available, and describe the timeframe of the problem to the nearest hour with timezone.

  • Make sure your Email client, or server, is configured to use the following settings:
    Outgoing SMTP Server:
    SMTP Port: 25 (default), 2525, or 10025
    SMTPS (SSL/TLS): 465 (default) or 10465
    Username: Your Username
    Password: Your Password
    Authentication Type: Basic (“Auth”, “Login”, “Password”)
    Use SSL/Encryption: Yes (recommended)
  • If you use SPF records, make sure to add “” to your record.

Errors Authenticating:

Please make sure you are using your SMTP username, not Email address, and password; the same ones you defined in our system.