DuoCircle is an entity that was established for the migration of Dyn’s legacy email receiving products customers to a more powerful and feature rich email handling platform. However the tools, technology and team who operate DuoCircle have been in the email services, backup and spam filtering business for about 7 years. We currently process over 40 million messages per month and are excited to have the Dyn customers migrating to our platform.

Some of the advantages of the DuoCircle platform include a more modern approach to these email products when compared to the legacy Dyn email products, a robust account management and service management interface that will provide you with a very high level of control over your settings, a high level of customer care and support and a scalable infrastructure designed for high volume messaging and spam filtering.

You should notice a dramatic decrease in the number of spam messages in your inbox, improved deliverability and account management options as well as some features that were not available in the Dyn product, like our anti phishing software protection solution.

Answers to common questions

Where are the servers located?

Our servers are located in the USA at Amazon AWS in both Frankfurt and Oregon.

Where is DuoCircle located?

We are located in California and are a Delaware LLC. 

Where are the legal policies located?

You can find legal documents at http://www.duocircle.com/legal

If you have questions or concerns you should feel free to contact us.